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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Griffith John McRee to Jethro Sumner
McRee, Griffith John
February 19, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 515-516


Wilmington, February 19th, 1782.

Dr. General:

I was favoured with your’s a few days ago by the express, also received a letter from Col. Long acquainting me that agreeable to your instructions he applied to borrow the arms from the State, but surprises me by saying that General Jones thought it improper to supply us—as they were procured for the Militia they should be reserved for that purpose. From this I will be obliged to march thro’ a disaffected country among inhabitants who still bid defiance to our power; without Arms sufficient to form a Sergeant’s Guard. I march from this in the morning for Genl. Greene taking with me Capts. Coleman & Mills, Lieuts. Cottgrave, Wilkinson, Slade, & Ensign Holmes, 180 Recruits. Inclosed you have a list of Deserters that left me at different times since our Rendezvous. I beg leave to observe that it may be of utility to have the list published in the News papers as they are all likely young men & if ever apprehended subject to serve during the War.

I hope you will be good enough to represent the deplorable situation of this party to the Legislature and endeavor to procure them some supplies of Cloathing. They are really very ragged and the footing upon which they have entered the Army differs from the

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others that are draughted or substituted, entering as recruits and altogether dependent on the public for necessaries which are furnished the others by their class.

Lieuts. Sam Jones & Orrill, of Onslow County, was last Spring ordered to join the troops, this you know they disobeyed. I repeatedly ordered them to rendezvous here but in vain; ’tis probable they now will inclose resignations to you at a period that they must expect disgrace. I wish you will take the measures necessary to inflict the treatment such behaviour merits.

Captain Hadley is invested with orders for the district. There is still great prospects of success if he is active which I believe is much his character. Essential services may be expected if you assist him with a couple of assiduous Officers.

I wish you happiness and hope to see you well and at the Head of your Brigade the ensuing Campaign.

With much esteem, I am Dr. Genl.,
Your Obedt. Servt.,
G. I. McREE.