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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Ferebee to Jethro Sumner
Ferebee, William
February 20, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 516-517


Edenton, 20th Feby., 1782.

Dear Genl.:

I have waited a few days since I received yours of the 4th Instant. In hopes of having it in my power to give a better account, than I am able to do at present. I have endeavoured to adhere to yours of the 16th Dec., as particularly as possible, tho’ very few soldiers came in, in consequence of my advertisements. And the Colonels are negligent in sending in their Quota, & as for returns I have not received but few, but expect them immediately. I never recd. yours of the 16th, Decr., until the last of January and your time limited was so short that it was impossible to be so general with my advertisements as I wished. However many of the delinquents, &c., seem determined not to come in until they are brought, and there are many of the counties in this District that has not a single light horse in them. The Commanding officers

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of which I have repeatedly wrote to, but to little purpose, notwithstanding their counties are full of deserters, delinquents, &c. What few I have here shall send on to-morrow, with a few State troops Baron Deglobeck has collected.

I have informed all officers of my knowledge (of the necessity of their repairing to their Regt.) which is only Lt. Lamb and Doctor Worth. Lt. Lamb informs he has leave from you to remain at home until further orders, and Doctor Worth says he means to join immediately. I have taken the liberty of extending your clemency until the 10th of March, by which time I flatter myself several Soldiers will surrender themselves, and in the meantime (if it meets with your approbation) I shall endeavour to collect as many as possible. However shall direct myself as prudent as I can until your further orders, & shall be more particularly in writing for the future.

I am, Dear General, with due respect,
Your Mo. Obedt. Hum., Servt.,