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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Burke to Peter William Joseph Ludwig, Baron de Glaubeck
Burke, Thomas, ca. 1747-1783
March 26, 1782
Volume 16, Page 563


Halifax, March 26th, 1782.


I have this day received your letter Inclosing your Commission, the Resignation of which is accepted.

I had found it necessary, after long expecting you, to put you in Arrest for not obeying my Orders to repair to me at Halifax, which orders were delivered to you at Edenton on the Second of this Month. The letter Containing the Order of Arrest bears date 23rd of this Month, but I suppose by your letter you have not received it, and as I do not deem it Necessary to proceed any farther, your resignation, also rendering it inexpedient, you are to Consider that arrest as now Void.

As I am entirely uninformed as to your Conduct during your Continuance in the State Corps it is impossible for me to give any Certificate relatively thereto. All I can say is, that I know of no Charge against you except what I have above mentioned, which I doubt not you can Explain to your friends in such a manner as to prevent any Suspicion of Disgrace.

As to your resignation, I do not Consider you as dishonored thereby.

I wish you, Sir, all honor and happiness,
And am Your very Obt. Servt.,