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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Burke to Nathanael Greene
Burke, Thomas, ca. 1747-1783
April 20, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 600-601


Hillsborough, April 20th, 1782.

Dr Sir:

Mr. Dugald Campbell, who will have the honor of handing you this, is so peculiarly circumstanced that it is of much importance

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to him to go into Charlestown. He has requested permission for that purpose from me, which I have given him so far as it is in my department, but have referred him to you for that permission which alone can be effectual.

He will be able to Satisfy you as to the importance of his business, and Integrity of his Intentions. From various accounts which I have received of him through many Gentlemen of Character and unquestioned veracity, I am persuaded he is a very worthy man and a good Member of Society, and that his family is a valuable Acquisition to this State. I need not Solicit for him; you own liberality will, I doubt not, incline you to give him every Indulgence consistent with your public Trust.

I am, with the highest esteem and regard,
Your very Obdt. St.,
Genl. Greene.