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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Steward to Benjamin Lincoln
Steward, John
April 22, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 603-604


Camp Bacon’s Bridge, April 22nd, 1782.


The business upon which I do myself the honor to engage your attention is interesting to every Lieut. Col., with a few exceptions, in the army; therefore, any delicacy that I might feel on my own account is done away by considering each grade may be affected in like instances. The officers of the North Carolina line have made an arrangement whereby Majors Murfree and Dixon are to obtain commissions as Lieut. Cols. dated early in 1778, and to continue on the establishment of the army, although there are six Col. and Lieut. Col. belonging to that line on the first day of January, 1781, the day on which the arrangement of the army were ordered by Congress to take place. One of the above named Lieut. Cols. resigned after the battle of Eutaw, another was killed in October, Viz.: Ashe resigned and Mebane (?) was killed, Murfree and Dixon were at that time both Majors, and the other four Lieut. Cols. and Cols. now are arranged to command the regiments required by Congress of the State of North Carolina.

These facts, will, I have no doubt, evince to you the impropriety and injustice of their pretentions; I hope, therefore, that the commissions will not issue, injurious to myself and many other Lieut. Cols. in the army. This letter is not dictated by enmity to those

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gentlemen, for I respect them both in a particular manner, but believe me Sir it is to prevent injustice to myself and a number of other officers, over whose heads these gentlemen would climb by the arrangement above mentioned.

I have the honor to be with perfect respect and esteem Sir,
Your most obedient servant,
Commdg. 2nd. Md. Regt.
To the Secretary of War.