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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Hardy Murfree to Jethro Sumner
Murfree, Hardy
June 01, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 621-622


Camp Bacon’s Bridge, 1st June, 1782.

Dear Genl.:

I recd. your favour by Mr. Pasture. Captn. Armstrong comes with the discharged men who I refer you to for all the news in Camp. Colo. Dixon comes with the discharged men & I have given him orders for him and the other Officers to wait on you for your orders As soon as they arrive in the State.

The Officers in Camp have recommended Colo. Harney, Major

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Nelson, Captn. Dixon and Captn. Brevard as Commissioners on behalf of the Officers, to go with the Commissioners appointed by the Assembly to lay off the Lands of the Soldiery of the State, or either two of them to do the business. Also they recommend Doct. Bull to go, as a Doct. may be wanting, and he speaks the Spanish Language.

Our State Stores being all out, we have made free to take what you had in your Waggon and served it out to the Officers of the Brigade. I consulted Colo. Dixon, Major McRee & Captn. Armstrong on that Subject, who thought it would be better to have it used here and you supplyed at home, than to carry it all the way back again. I have wrote to Captn. Doherty to replace it to you as soon as possible, also your Bacon was about spoiling and made use of that, which Captn. Armstrong will inform you. I believe the Waggoner has behaved A miss on Examining your Stores which was done to-day. Found only Eight Gallons & one quart of Brandy, fifty-four pounds Sugar & Twenty ½ ℔ Coffee, which Mr. Perjatt recd. and Issued. Upon examining the men that came up with the Waggons found out that your Waggoner was frequently drunk, and Saul tells me to-day that he has been drunk half his time since he has been at Camp. I had a Sentery over the waggon, and the Waggoner always has had the key of it.

Captn. Armstrong has the returns of the Brigade.

I am, Dear General,
Your Mo. Huml. st.,

N. B. We have four full Companies in Camp yet, as you will see by the returns. I did not mention to the Genl. for Major McRee to come to Wilmington District, but from the number of men, I am confident he would not permit him and Colo. Dixon both to return, and a Major will be wanting in Camp.

H. M.