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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Armstrong to Jethro Sumner
Armstrong, John, 1717-1795
July 27, 1782
Volume 16, Page 631


High Hills, Santee, July 27th, 1782.

Dear General:

The 12th of this month I arrived at this place with the Baggage of the army which I had in Charge, the prisoners, &ct. General Greene the next day arrived from his pursut of His Lordship, having docked him of upwards of 300 of his Best troops, besides kil’d & wounded; our loss was but triflen. We have taken a large quantity of their stores, which hath distress’d them much, though of no Great Benefit to us, as the Chief of it was Destroyed for want of a passage to our Army, being taken in their rear. We Surprised a post at Munck’s Corner and the quarter house, twenty-five officers being taken in this town. His lordship is very causious of meeting with General Greene; is suffering all his small posts to fall. We now live in plenty; the inhabitants very kind; the Soldiers and officers in good spirits. In a few days I expect we will confine Mr. Roden1 to the town of Cha. town for protection. 96 is evacuated and destroyed; we can do no more without a reinforcement to storm Chas. town, which will be very causiously performed, as all their force will be drawn there. I hope in my next I will have some enterprising news to inform you of.

And Am, at this time,
With Much Esteem,
Your Humble Servant,


1 Lord Rawdon.—Ed.