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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Orders to the brigadier generals of the North Carolina Militia concerning recruitment of troops for the Continental Army
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Volume 16, Pages 634-635


You are appointed to the District of Halifax for the receiving the new Levys, who are to rendezvous at Warren Ct. House the first of August next; also to receive all such delinquents, deserters and others, who have failed to render the services due from them to their States, the laws whereof have made liable to the Continental Service, and take a descriptive list, a form of which I have enclosed, of each man you receive, also the Waggons, and Number of Horses, and the Names of the Head of the two Classes, who finds the Waggons.

You are to be particular in examining the Levys presented you from the Colonel or the appointed Officer of the County, that the Levys you receive be healthy and sound (neither Sailor nor Frenchman). The substitutes to be of proper Age, and free from the disorders incident to the climate, and only such as are immediately fit for the Field, are the men to be approved of.

You are to fix yourself with a number of Officers of the line in your district, not exceeding five, which said Officers you will order to the district rendezvous to your assistance, before the first day of August next, and make acquainted the Commissioner of the County what supplies of provisions and forage will be necessary for the subsistence of the Troops, during your time of making the collection of that district. And as soon as you have received from, or reports are made you, of the remaining Countyes of the District, of the Men, and Waggons, Horses, &c., who had neglected delivering its New Levys as early as by Law directed, you are to order off for General rendezvous those Levies received, and wait the arrival of such Counties, and when all of the Counties of the District have delivered its Levys, by its acting Officer, it will not be necessary to waite for such as are suffer’d to be out of the way by the Militia Officers.

It is highly necessary that you be very particular in examining the cloathing for each man & enter the same in your minute for that purpose, and inform the Soldiers they are not at liberty to dispose of any one article on penalty of being punished. The returned

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men for delinquency of service, & those for their perfidy, I wish you to have the Oaths properly Administered; also the N. Levys, that none may plead ignorance hereafter. What musquets & their Accutrements you may meet with of the United States you will take on. I flatter myself I shall be able to supply you in some meashuer by the ——— of August.

The District of Edenton Levys are to march from the district rendezvous by the tenth day of August next, & to join the district of Halifax Levys at Warrington, in Warren County, on or by the fifteenth day of August following, if possible. The district of New Bern Levys are to march from the district rendezvous by the tenth day of August next & to join the district of Wilmington Levys on or by the fifteenth day of August following, if possible, without loss of time, at Duplin Court House, from thence to march the Troops belonging to those two districts by the route to Wilmington and George Town & Cross Cooper river at such ferry your intelligence and prudent conduct will suggest for your saifty to Genl. Greene’s Camp.