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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Archibald Ritchie to Thomas Burke
Ritchie, Archibald
September 16, 1782
Volume 16, Page 652


Virginia Ray N. K.(?) River,
Sept. 16th, 1782.

Thos. Burke, Esqr.,


I observe amongst my papers a receipt of yours to Mr. Samuel Donalson, dated June 5th, 1775, for a List of debts due me, Amt. £362 17 9, and one Do. Amt. £34 7 3¾, this many. Among these debts I apprehend there was a demand vs. James Churchill pr. Bond £15 11 6, & a memr. being made that said Churchill was a very poor man, served in Hallifax Court. Now, I shall be exceedingly obliged to you to inform me whether ever any thing was got from this man, & how much; for lately one of the Gentlemen who does business for me in Richmond County, met with Churchill & brought suit vs. him in that Court, in Consequence of which I shall get payment, if not already paid; but then observe if payment has not been received by you or the late Mr. James Miller, it is absolutely necessary that I should have the Bond sent me here for the Jury’s satisfaction to whom it will be submitted. It is now ready for Trial & it must be postponed until it Appears; therefore, must beg the favour of you to get it out the Halifax Office, if it has been deposited there, or in your own possession, & forward it to me.

At same time, should beg to know if anything has been done with any others of my debtors.

With much respect, I am, Sir,
Your most obt. Servt.,
Honble. Thos. Burke, esqr.,
North Carolina.