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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Ichabod Burnet to Archibald Lytle
Burnet, Ichabod
September 20, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 654-655


Sept. 20th, 1782.


You will be pleased to proceed to the State of North Carolina and take the most effectual measures for bringing forward the recruits from that State, unless they should have received orders to the contrary from Congress. Should you find any difficulties which are not to be removed by your exertions, you will make application to General Sumner of his aid and assistance.

You will take with you a copy of the return of the Officers of your line now serving with this Army, made out agreeable to the General Orders & resolutions of Congress for reforming the establishment of the Army, and endeavour to have it compleated by Genl. Sumner and the Officers of the line who are in the State. It will be necessary that the Officers should be assembled, their rank settled and ascertained, with their desire either to continue or retire, agreeable to the resolution of Congress and the General Orders, a copy of which you will take with you.

I am fully confident in your prudence, and that every possible exertion will be made by you for accomplishing these objects, which

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are of the utmost consequence to the Army in general, and to the Officers of the line of your State in particular.

Given at Head Quarters S. Carolina, Sept. 20th, 1782.

J. BURNET, Aid de Camp.