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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Martin to Joel Lewis
Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807
June 08, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 688-689

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Williamsborough, June 8th, 1782.


Having received information from Brigadier General Marion of South Carolina of his intention to cross Peedee at Mars Bluff on the 17th of this inst., and march with his Brigade to —— Bridge on Drowning Creek, where he will be ready to act in conjunction

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with the Troops of this State in reducing Major Gainey, and the Tories under his command to obedience, with whom he had formed a Truce until the 17th of this Instant.

I have informed General Marion in the Letter herewith sent to be forwarded by you of our readiness to co-operate with him in such a necessary undertaking. You will therefore send the Letter which accompanies this by some safe hand to General Marion wherever he may be, at the same time informing him you will be ready to form a Junction with him, or act separately as the case will require, at such time and place he will assign you; in the mean while you are to take position on the Head of Drowning Creek, until you hear from the General, where you will Issue Copies of the proclamation enclosed you, filling up the blank of the date at the time of issuing the same. You will also issue copies of the same after you have joined General Marion, giving ten days from the date which will respect the Citizens only of North Carolina. You will give me every necessary intelligence of your movements and occurrences.

I have received Major Crafton’s Letter of the second of this Instant, and am sorry you have not yet obtained any cloathing. I am going to Halifax where I shall use every effort to procure them. Your Letters will find me on my way, after my being at Halifax, to Salisbury between the 20th and the last of June—afterwards at Salisbury. Fields I have ordered to join my Corps.

I am Sir, &c.,