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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Martin to Bennett Crafton
Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807
June 26, 1782
Volume 16, Page 693

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Nutbush, June 26th, 1782.


I have heard nothing of the State Troops since my despatches by Captain Tabb to you, but expect by this time you have formed a Junction with General Marion, and wish that your conduct with regard to the North Carolina Tories be uniform with the General’s towards those in South Carolina. The Proclamation I enclosed you was by the advice of the Council, which was to draw off such refugees of this State who had settled themselves among the Truce people; but should few have surrendered under the terms held forth in the ten days, you are not to issue any more after the expiration of the said term, but conform yourself entirely to the instructions and orders of General Marion. I know not whether Major Lewis has joined you who had my orders at the same time with you. I lately heard he was at Salisbury.

I am endeavouring to procure you cloathing, and have directed Colonel Davie to purchase from Hunter Banks and Company, Merchants at Petersburg, the number of suits wanting. No Cloaths have yet been purchased as the Service has expired and the Sense of the Assembly not fully had, tho’ the State Officers have a right under the Law to claim all the allowances of the Continental. There being no blue cloaths or any other proper in Halifax, I wish to hear every thing of moment from you; reports of a peace may have reached you but all this is an artifice of our enemies to lull us into security, to give them an opportunity to strike a blow at our Allies, or at ourselves with more success than heretofore. General Leslie proposed some overtures of a Truce with General Greene, but the General hath rejected them, as not coming in the proper channel, Your letters will find me in Salisbury or in that District from the 1st of July to the end of August.

I am Sir, &c.,