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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Martin to Nathanael Greene
Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807
July 14, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 694-695

[From Executive Letter Book.]


The last letter I have been honored with from you is of the 31st of May, and am doubtful some of mine preceding that date have not reached you, particularly one respecting Bryant, Hampton and White, late criminals in Salisbury Gaol, and whom General Leslie claimed as British Officers and offered exchange of the North Carolina Militia for them. These persons have been sent forward to you with a Letter to yourself covering another to General Leslie, but Captain Gillespie informed me, who commanded the guard, he had carried with them no Letters, and that you asked for Letters respecting them which induces me to believe they are somewhere concealed or miscarried. You have therefore duplicates of these Letters herewith should this be the case, which otherwise I should be sorry to trouble you with; and am anxious to know whether any exchanges have been made. I am informed there are near one hundred North Carolina prisoners in the Prison Ships and only two Captains of Militia, some of whose names I enclosed you in the above mentioned Letter, but have not an account of them at present.

I have to request should nothing have been done you will please demand a composition for the above persons, and if refused please to remand them back to Gaol. If it is possible the names of our unfortunate people in confinement with the enemy could be had, I wish to be made acquainted with them, that I might empty some of our Gaols in exchange for them.

We are draughting our eighteen months, which is effected with much ease, and I flatter myself they will be ready on the first of August next on their march to join you. Notwithstanding the great reports of Peace, which you justly suggested might relax our measures, yet with pleasure I can inform you they rather give a stimulus to our exertions.

Permit me to close this Letter with a Extract of a Letter from the Count De Rochambeau. “We have information from New York of

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40 Transports sailing from that place to Charles Town, for the purpose as it is believed, to evacuate that Garrison.”

I have the Honor, &c.,