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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Instructions to Absalom Tatom, Isaac Shelby, and Anthony Bledsoe concerning land grants for troops in the Continental Army
Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807
October 02, 1782
Volume 16, Page 713

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Dan River, October 2d, 1782.

Instructions to Absalom Tatom, Isaac Shelby and Anthony Bledsoe, Esquires, Comm. to lay off Continental Officers’ Lands, &c.


You will proceed to examine and superintend the laying off the Land allotted the Officers and Soldiers of the Continental Army of this State agreeably to the Acts of the General Assembly in such case made, together with the 25,000 Acres given to Major General Greene.

1 Tho’ the Assembly have omitted making a Land provision for the Heirs of the officers who have been killed or died in the service of this State the present war, I make no doubt as generosity & humanity dictate the measure there will be a provision for them next Assembly. You will therefore reserve as much Land for Officers’ Heirs, of whom you have informatson as aforesaid, equal to their respective ranks.

You will make out three plans of the Lands surveyed, one for the General Assembly, one to be lodged in the secretary’s office, and one for the inspection of the Governor and Council, together with an accurate chart of that Country, ascertaining the Latitude and Longitude by some good Instruments with the Courses, the width and depth of the rivers, the Mountains and the courses thereof, with a description of the mines, minerals or natural curiosities you may discover.

I am Sirs, &c.,


1 This is a mistake, the Governor had not the Act of Assembly when these Instructions were written.—Ed.