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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Martin to George Doherty
Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807
December 07, 1782
Volume 16, Pages 721-722

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Dan River, 7th December, 1782.


As I am informed by Colonel Lytle that a number of Waggons and Teams furnished the Continental Army by this State in consequence of a requisition of General Greene, are now in Camp unreceived by the Q. Master General, as was intended by the late act of your General Assembly. Reposing confidence in your integrity, I do by these presents appoint you Agent for the State in this Business, that you urge to General Greene and Colonel Carrington the propriety and Justice of the retaining those already received by the Continental Officers appointed by General Sumner agreeable to the Law to be the Judges of the Waggons & Teams so received and which have actually in consequence thereof gone to Camp with the late Levies, that the State will be greatly injured in selling Teams especially at this time of the year, when through neglect of Waggoners or difficulty of procuring forage, the Horses may have greatly suffered, and will bring little or nothing, that the officers receiving improper Teams ought to be called upon, and made chargeable with the default, who were authorized to reject such that were unfit for service and to call for two men or another Team that should be such he should approve of.

These Matters you will urge to the General to whose Justice and superintending care over the property of each State in his possession I would readily submit this business. I had agreed with Colonel Carrington to appoint an Agent to adjust the above, but those Waggons and Teams which are received as aforesaid and gone on to Camp, I think we have done with, only a receipt from the Continental Q. Master Genl. is wanting. Those in this State judged unfit for service I have ordered to be sold. However if General Greene will not direct or the Quarter Master General will not give receipts for those in Camp you will sell the said Waggons and Teams for Specie at public vendue, first advertising the same ten or

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15 days previous thereto, giving six months credit taking bond and Security if necessary payable to the Governor of this State and his Successors and make return thereof to him or them as soon as may be. You will conform to such further instructions you will receive from Colonel Lytle on this Subject.

Given under my Hand, &c.,