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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Raiford to Nathanael Greene
Raiford, Robert
December 03, 1782
Volume 16, Page 724

[From Executive Letter Book.]

I had the honor to receive your commands to repair to Wilmington district in North Carolina to answer several charges. I am much beholding to you Sir, for the concern which you appear to have for my reputation as an Officer and beg the favor of you to suspend your judgment on my conduct until I have an opportunity of manifesting the Affair in its true Light. Till then for your satisfaction, I wish Sir, to remind you that it is not in my power to reach Wilmington till the term is past, the Session commenced yesterday and never continues longer than a week. It will take that time for me to perform the journey, was I now prepared, but so far from it I am destitute of a single Horse to ride, or Money to bear My Expences. I would give any security to appear at the next Court that will be required.

It was upwards of six weeks after the affair happened that I was in Wilmington District before my departure, and though I repeatedly saw the persons was never once cited to give satisfaction or I should have been prepared at present to attend.

I am, Sir, &c.,