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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolution by the Continental Congress concerning Robert Morris as Superintendent of Finance
United States. Continental Congress
April 30, 1783
Volume 16, Pages 783-784

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Resolutions by the United States in Congress Assembled,
April 30th, 1783.

The Committee appointed to confer with the Superintendent of

-------------------- page 784 --------------------
Finance respecting his continuation in office, report that they have conferred with him accordingly, and that the substance of the conference was on the part of Mr. Morris as follows “that his continuance in Office was highly injurious to his private affairs and contrary to his private inclinations, but that he felt the importance of the exertions necessary to be made at the present junction towards the reduction of the army in a manner satisfactory to them, and convenient to the public, that therefore if Congress should think his services towards effecting that object of any importance and should desire them, he would be ready to continue them until arrangements for that purpose could be made and the engagements taken by him in consequence as well as those already entered into could be finally compleated. That in this case he should hope for the support of Congress.” Whereupon

Resolved, That the Superintendent of Finance be informed that Congress are of opinion that the public service requires his continuance in Office ’til arrangements for the reduction of the Army can be made and the engagements that shall be taken by him in consequence as well as those already entered into shall be finally compleated.