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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolution by the Continental Congress concerning copyright
United States. Continental Congress
May 02, 1783
Volume 16, Page 786

Resolutions by the United States in Congress Assembled.
May 2d, 1783.

On the report of a Committee to whom were referred sundry papers and memorials on the subject of literary property,

Resolved, That it is recommended to the Several States to secure to the Authors or Publishers of any new books not hitherto printed, being Citizens of the United States and to their Executors, Administrators and Assigns the Copyright of such books for a certain time not less than fourteen years from the first publication; and to secure the said Authors, if they shall survive the time first mentioned, and to their Executors, Administrators and Assigns, the Copyright of such Books for another term of time not less than fourteen years; Such Copy or exclusive right of printing, publishing and vending the same to be secured to the Original Authors or publishers, their Executors, Administrators, and Assigns by such Laws, and under such restrictions as to the several States may seem proper.