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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the Annapolis, Maryland Council
Annapolis (Md.). Council
May 14, 1783
Volume 16, Page 793

[From Executive Letter Book.]

At a meeting of the Corporation of the City of Annapolis on the 14th day of May, 1783.

Were present,

James Brice, Esquire, Mayor.
Samuel Chase, Esquire, Recorder.
Allen Quynn, Esquire, Alderman.
John Brice, Esquire, Alderman.
John Bullen, Esquire, Alderman.
Nicholas Carroll, Esquire, Alderman.
William Goldsmith, Esquire, Common Councilman.
Saml. H. Howard, Esquire, Common Councilman.
Beriah Mayberry, Esquire, Common Councilman.
Francis Fairbrother, Esquire, Common Councilman.
John Davidson, Esquire, Common Councilman.
John Chalmers, Esquire, Common Councilman.

The Members of the Corporation having reported that they had consulted the Citizens, and taken their opinion whether this City and its precincts ought to be offered the Honourable Congress for their permanent residence with Jurisdiction over the same and the Citizens having unanimously agreed thereto.

Resolved Unanimously that if the Honourable the General Assembly will offer this City and its precincts, containing above three hundred Acres of Land to the Honourable Congress for the permanent residence of that Body and their Successors that this Corporation and their Constitutents most cheerfully agree to such offer, and to subject to such Jurisdiction and power within the City and its precincts, and over the Inhabitants and residents thereof as the General Assembly shall think proper to grant to the United States in Congress Assembled.

Resolved, That the Worshipful the Mayor Authenticate this Act under the Seal of the Corporation and present the same to the General Assembly.

I hereby certify that the above is a true Copy from the proceedings of the Corporation of the City of Annapolis, and to authenticate the same I have caused the seal of the said Corporation to be hereto annexed.