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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolution by the Virginia General Assembly concerning the location of the United State Congress
Virginia. General Assembly.
June 28, 1783
Volume 16, Pages 843-844

Virginia, In the house of Delegates,
Saturday, 28th June, 1783.

Whereas, The Legislature of Virginia are fully convinced of the advantages that would result to the United States by having some fixed place of residence for Congress.

Resolved, Therefore Unanimously that if the Honourable the Congress should esteem the City of Williamsburg in this State to be a fit place for their Session this Assembly will present them on their removal thereto and during their continuance therein with the palace, the Capitol and all the public buildings and three hundred Acres of Land adjoining the said City together with a Sum of money not exceeding one hundred thousand pounds this State’s Currency to be paid at five annual installments and to be expended in erecting thirteen Hotels for the use of the Delegates in Congress.

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This Assembly will also cede to Congress during their residence therein a district of Territory Contiguous to the said City not exceeding five miles Square with such exempt Jurisdiction within the said Limits as the Inhabitants residing therein shall consent to yield to Congress to obtain which the Governor with the advice of Council is directed to make application to the said Citizens & when obtained to notify to the Delegates of this State in Congress such assent.

Resolved unanimously, That if the Honourable the Congress shall think it more convenient to hold their Sessions at any place on the River Potomack within this Commonwealth this Assembly will on the above terms cede the like district of Territory at the place Congress shall so choose and will also appropriate a sum, not exceeding one hundred thousand pounds to be paid in five annual installments for the purpose of erecting the said Hotels, and will moreover purchase one hundred Acres of land for the purpose of erecting such public buildings as Congress may direct thereon.

Resolved, Unanimously, That if the Legislature of Maryland are willing to join in a cession of Territory for the above purpose with this State (the said Territory to be on the River Potomack) that this Assembly will cede to the Honourable the Congress the like district of Territory opposite to that ceded by the State of Maryland freely leaving it to Congress to fix their residence on either side of the said River as they may see proper: but that if Congress shall reside on the North side of the said River that then this Assembly shall contribute forty thousand pounds for the aforesaid purposes in the full confidence that the State of Maryland will supply the deficiency. Provided that should Congress thereafter remove from the City of Williamsburg or from the Lands before mentioned that in such case the Lands so ceded with the buildings shall revert to the Commonwealth.


1783 June 28th.

Agreed to by the Senate,


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