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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Benjamin Hawkins to Alexander Martin
Hawkins, Benjamin, 1754-1816
July 26, 1783
Volume 16, Page 845

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Princeton, 26th July, 1783.


We have the pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of your Excellency’s Letters of the 21st of May and to thank you for your polite attention to us. We are satisfied if the measures could be in proportion of your Excellency, that every department in our State would be amply supported.

I saw a Letter from James Rivingston of the 21st Instant, he says that “this moment the Mercury frigate arrived, and Admiral Digby informs me, that he has the definitive Treaty, and that it shall be sent to me immediately.”

This day we received a letter from Sir Guy Carlton of the 24th and he does not mention the definitive Treaty, neither does our dispatches from any quarter satisfy us on this head. Our last accounts from our Ministers, were of February, except a few Letters from Mr. Lawrens while in London.

The early departure of the post prevents my adding any thing further; than, that I am with greatest respect and truth,

Sir, Your Excellency’s Most Obt. Servt.
His Excellency Governor Martin.