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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Act of the Virginia General Assembly concerning trade between the United States and Great Britain and its colonies
Virginia. General Assembly.
October 1783
Volume 16, Pages 857-858

[From Executive Letter Book.]

An Act to authorise the Congress of the United States to adopt certain regulations respecting the British Trade.

Section 1. Whereas it appears by an order of the King of Great Britain in Council bearing the date 2d. day of July last, made under the express authority of his Parliament that the growth or produce of any of the United States of America, are prohibited from being carried to any of the British West India Islands, by any other than British subjects, in British built Ships, owned by British Subjects, and navigated according to the Laws of that Kingdom. And whereas this proceeding, though but a temporary expedient, exhibits a disposition

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in Great Britain to gain partial advantages, injurious to the rights of free Commerce, and is repugnant to the principles of reciprocal interest and convenience, which are found by experience to form the only permanent foundation of friendly entercourse between States.

Section 2. Be it therefore enacted, that the United States in Congress Assembled, shall be, and they are hereby authorised and empowered to prohibit the importation of the growth or produce of the British West India Islands into these United States, in British Vessels, and to adopt any other mode which may most effectually tend to counteract the designs of Great Britain, with respect to the American Commerce, so long as the said restriction shall be continued on the part of Great Britain. Provided this Act shall not be in force until all the States in the Union shall have passed similar Laws.