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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Instructions to Absalom Tatom, Isaac Shelby, and Anthony Bledsoe concerning land grants for troops in the Continental Army
Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807
October 28, 1783
Volume 16, Page 912

[From Executive Letter Book.]

You will proceed to lay off the Lands allotted the Line of this State as soon as possible, and when convenient for the Agents in behalf of the Army to attend. As the Southern Line, or the line beginning at the intersection of the Northern Boundary and Cumberland River may chiefly run through a broken, and perhaps a very mountainous Country, whereby the line may be considerably shorter than if measured Horizontally. Should that be the case (that the army may reap every advantage from a favorable construction of the Act), you will please to make the fifty five miles the length of that line, Horizontal Measure. If necessary, you will apply to the Commanding Officer of Davidson County for chain carriers, markers, &c., who will order out such of the Militia of his Regiment to attend this service as will be sufficient. After causing the bounds and Lines of said Lands to be marked, you will, if practicable, proceed to the Northern boundary of the State, take an observation and find out the place where the Latitude 36° 30 (the said boundary) intersects the Mississippi—that you then will discover where the Latitude 35°, the Southern Boundary, intersects the said River making such marks and other signs at each place, as may easily be discoverable at a future Day—also all remarkable places that may tend to explain the Geography of that part of the State, and make report thereof to the next General Assembly, together with your other proceedings.

Given under my Hand at Hillsborough the 28th Day of October, 1783.