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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to William Caswell
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
April 05, 1779
Volume 16, Pages 1198-1199


P. D., 5th April, 1779.

My Dear Son:

I have just recd. your Letters of the 10th & 15th ulto. by express from home. They give me great Satisfaction, tho’ the Accots.

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relative to the defeat is not the most pleasing. So varied tho’ have been those we have had, that I could not determine how things had been, I could only determine that a Surprize had happened. As I hope to see you soon, I shall only inform you that about a Week ago All were well at home. I have been away about 20 days forwarding the Militia 1500, under the Command of Genl. Butler, whom I left yesterday at Charlotte; near one-half the Men there and in the neighborhood, the Remainder on their March, but in the Usual way. I am returning in Order to go to the Assembly, which was appointed to sit today at New Bern, when I flatter myself a further Aid will be sent to the Southward. The Bearer, Mr. Coart, goes to assist the Troops home; he has been delayed in getting on the Militia here. He can give you intelligence of how things are going. Give my Compliments to Genls. Ashe & Bryan (if with you), their Letters I have recd. but do not answer, as I expect they will have left you & that I shall soon have the pleasure of Seeing them. Inclosed is a Letter I this Day recd. from your Sister.

I am, Dr. son, Most affectionately,