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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Adam Boyd to Thomas Burke
Boyd, Adam, 1738-1803
August 20, 1781
Volume 16, Page 1200


Granville, 20th Augt., 1781.


Four letters for your Excellency were just now bro’t to me. Agreeably to your orders, I opened them, & shall send them to judge Williams who sets off to-morrow for Halifax. They are sealed under cover of this. I am extremely sorry for these movements of the enemy, tho’ I have long expected they would undertake the enterprize. I have wrote to general Sumner of this movement in order that general Greene may know it. It did not appear of any very great consequence to general Greene, otherwise I would have directed my letter immediately to him. General Sumner will immediately on receipt of mine communicate the intelligence.

The gout has paid me a visit that confines me & from a variety of symptoms, I fear it will prove a visitation. If it continues upon me to-morrow, I purpose to send Charles with your Excellency’s letter to Mr. Hunt, who will probably send me some books or extracts. I have not heard from Mr. Freeman to-day, but judge Williams can inform how he is.

I have the honor to be your Excellency’s
Most obedient servant,