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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Alexander Martin to the Masonic Lodge of Fayetteville
Martin, Alexander, 1740-1807
January 03, 1784
Volume 17, Pages 1-2

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[From Executive Letter Book.]

Fayette Ville, Jany 3d, 1784.

To the Right Worshipful the Master, the Gentlemen Wardens and Gentlemen of the most ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, who constitute the lodge at Fayette Ville:

With singular pleasure I accept your congratulations on my arrival at this place more especially when I am told my presence hath contributed to your felicity.

To heal the wounds of a late, cruel and intestine War, to repair, and smoothe its ravages too deeply marked in this part of the State, and to reconcile a number of our late revolted Citizens to our happy Government too inoffensive for prosecution, and over whom the act of pardon and oblivion hath cast a veil, are the principal objects of my visit; and if I am so fortunate as to accomplish this desirable end, I shall be discharging the high trust reposed in me by my Country, and answering the great purposes of the Legislature.

The favorable opinion you entertain of me, in the chief Majestracy of the State cannot but be flattering and acceptable; in return to those friendly sentiments I can only wish, that my public conduct may be equal to the expectations of my fellow Citizens in general, and to those of your ancient and honorable Society in particular.

To cultivate the arts of peace and diffuse its blessings round the

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State by a due execution of the Laws, by extending trade, by promoting unanimity and good order & affording protection to all ranks worthy of it are the first objects of my administration; and your concurrence and assistance in these salutary measures, afford me the highest satisfaction.

Rest assured that while I have the honor to preside in the Government of the State, or in the private walk of life, that the Town of Fayette Ville and the Interest of its Inhabitants shall receive my warmest support and your ancient and honorable fraternity my particular countenance.

I return you my grateful acknowledgments for your friendly wishes in my Administration, at the same time accept Right Worshipful my hearty thanks for the polite and handsome address, in which you have conveyed to me the Sense of the Fraternity.

Yours, &c.,