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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Arthur Coody to Joseph Martin
Coody, Arthur
January 11, 1784
Volume 17, Pages 12-13

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Coody's letter referred to in the foregoing.

Jany. 11th, 1784, Chickammoggy.


Your letter I received by the hand of Springston dated the 28 December which surprised me to think that those Towns stand charged with the Kentucky robberries & mischief, which I know

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they are not guilty of. I called the heads of the nations & told them the charge which they declare themselves not guilty of. There has not been one horse brought into these Towns since the time you say there has been so many taken from the Kentucky road, except them that I left at Capt. Looney's when up last. They say that they would be glad that you would either come, or send a deputy to live among them, & to inspect their conduct, for they do not like to be charged with so many misdemeanours without some grounds. They say they expect you would not be satisfied for them to choose their own deputy and if you would do it for them they would take it as a favor.

What happened the day Springston came down he can inform you. My life is in danger every day by both white & red men—and I blame Bench for the whole. If he is not chastised soon there will be mischief done.