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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Circular letter from Thomas Mifflin to the state governors
Mifflin, Thomas, 1744-1800
February 20, 1784
Volume 17, Pages 16-17

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Annapolis, 20th Feby., 1784.


I think it a duty I owe to the office I am honored with as well as to the Union to inform your Excellency, and thro' you the State over which you preside; that the great business of the United States is at a stand; for want of a representation agreeable to the Articles of Confederation. The Journal transmitted by the Secretary to your Excellency, and which contains the proceedings of Congress and an account of the States and Members present, from the first Monday of November last to this day, will convince your Excellency of the state of inactivity, to which the affairs of the United States are reduced for want of a full representation.

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At this moment there are many matters of the highest importance to the safety, honour and happiness of the United States, which require immediate attention. Among these I need only mention the establishing a general peace with the Indians, and settling the Western Territory; the arranging our foreign affairs, and taking measures for securing our frontiers: preserving our Stores and Magazines; making requisitions for the expences of the current year: and for satisfying the public creditors.

I have only to add that by the sickness of some of the Members attending at Annapolis, we have had seven States represented in Congress only three days since the sixth Instant; as your Excellency will observe by the enclosed Certificate of the Secretary and that the Members present are dissatisfied with attending to no purpose and are very impatient under their present situation. I am,


[From Executive Letter Book.]

On Saturday February 7th only five States attended.

Monday February 9th only six.

Tuesday and Wednesday 10th & 11th seven States attended.

Thursday February 12th only five States attended.

Friday February 13th seven States attended.

Monday February 16th only five.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday only six.

The States unrepresented are New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina & Georgia,