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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Hugh Williamson to Richard Caswell
Williamson, Hugh, 1735-1819
April 08, 1784
Volume 17, Page 32

-------------------- page 32 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Annapolis, 8th April, 1784.

Enclosed is a Letter which the Delegates have just received from the Minister of France. This is the third Letter the Delegates have received from Mons. le chr. de la Luzerne on the same subject. The first was dated 8th September, 1783, the second was dated on November, to which they wrote an answer, the Copy of which is enclosed. As the Minister's first Letter was forwarded in due time I am to presume that you have recd. it together with the Governor of Martinico's accts. However unfortunate we may be in not being able immediately to discharge our domestic debt I am not even to suspect that our State will suffer its character to be stained or its faith to be questioned by foreigners; much less that they would suffer the Governor of a French province to incur the displeasure of his Prince or to injure his private fortune by having trusted them.

Mr. Marbois, the Secretary of the French Legation and Consul General who handed me the Letter from the Minister requested me at the same time to inform your Excellency that if the State should find it more convenient to remit the money to Philadelphia which is due to the Governor of Martinico & pay it either to the Minister of France or to himself they will give proper rects. for the same. I presume remittances may at present be made on easier terms to Philadelphia than to Martinico; be this as it may, it became my duty to repeat the proposition which seems to promise a facility to the State.

I have the honor to be, &c.