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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolution by the Continental Congress concerning the arrest of Charles Julian de Longchamps, including circular letter from Thomas Mifflin to the state governors
United States. Continental Congress
May 29, 1784
Volume 17, Pages 71-72

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Annapolis, 31st May, 1784.


I have the honor to transmit to your Excellency an Act of Congress of the 29th Instant relating to an insult offered to the person of Mons. de Marbois by a certain Monsr. de Lonchamps.

By a Letter received this day from the Supreme Executive of the State of Pennsylvania it appears that the said Lonchamps has been apprehended in consequence of a Warrant issued by one of the Judges of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and is now confined in the common Jail at Philadelphia.

I have the honor to be, &c.,

-------------------- page 72 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

By the United States in Congress Assembled,
May 29th, 1784.

Whereas, Congress have been informed by a note to them by the Chevalier de la Luzerne Minister plenipotentiary of his most Christian Majesty of the 20th Instant, and the papers accompanying the same that a violation of the Laws of Nations hath been committed by one Lonchamps, who calls himself Chevalier de Lonchamps, a subject of his most Christian Majesty, by a violent assault and battery by him lately made in the City of Philadelphia, upon the person of Monsieur Marbois Consul General and Secretary to the above Legation; and that although a Warrant for apprehending the offender has been duly issued in consequence of directions given by the president of the State of Pennsylvania upon application made to him for that purpose by the said Minister, he has not yet been apprehended, but absconds, and is supposed to have fled from justice into some other of these United States.

Wherefore to the end that the said Lonchamps may be brought to condign punishment for his said offence, and that the privileges and immunities of foreign Ministers, and of their families and houses be preserved inviolate, Resolved, That it be and it is hereby recommended to the Supreme Executive authority of each of these United States forthwith to issue their proclamations, offering a reward of five hundred dollars, to be reimbursed by the United States to the State paying the same, for discovering the said Lonchamps, so that he may be arrested, and requiring their proper Civil officers to arrest him, and their Citizens in general to be aiding and assisting therein, that he may be brought to justice for his said violation of the laws of nations, and of the land, and all others may be deterred from the Commission of such offences.