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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter to James Robertson
No Author
July 10, 1784
Volume 17, Pages 83-84

[From Executive Letter Book.]

July 10th, 1784.


The 25th of last month there was a general Congress held at Mobile with the Chickasaws & Choctaws by the Spaniards, and great presents were given. The Creek Indians likewise met at Pensacola upon the same occasion and the purport was as we understand it by a Company of Chickasaws that came up yesterday from the Treaty: That the Spaniards desired of all the above Indian Nations as they looked upon them their friends and Brothers and it was impossible for any other Nation, except the King of Spain to supply their wants in every particular and that in a short time they should be at War with the Americans or Virginians & they looked upon them as allies to aid and assist when called upon. The Creeks are said to accept of the Treaty, & the Chickammoggy's will join them. The Chickasaws say, they will not now nor never fight against Virginia. There is but this Company come up as yet, the whole will come

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shortly. Mr.—has not heard of the news yet I am sure for he lives 30 miles from where we do & is to start Tomorrow for Cumberland, in all probability he will inform you all he knows. We are not able to say as yet how the Choctaws will take the Spanish talk.

You may Sir, and all others of the settlement of Cumberland & Kentucky prepare yourselves for trouble, and take the best steps you can to secure yourselves from the ravages of the Creeks & Chickammoggy's. We will if we have an opportunity let you know the whole news as soon as we know it. But if ever the Spaniards know that we have wrote you on this subject, we may say farewell forever, because the Commandant of the Natches has sent for us to come home and he would look upon us with the same respect as before the revolt. But we shall forbear going if the Spaniards are going to War with America.

We shall remain Sir Yours,