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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Robertson to Alexander Martin
Robertson, James, 1742-1814
August 05, 1784
Volume 17, Pages 91-92

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Nashville, August 5th, 1784.


Since I had the honor of writing to you I have received several accounts from the Southward,-(a Copy I enclose) from two persons resident with the Chickasaws, which seems confirmed by a multitude of corroborating circumstances.

Mr.——showed me a letter from Alexander McGillvery, a half breed and chief of the Creeks; in which he mentions having put the Creek nation under the protection of the King of Spain, who is to assist them in case of a rupture with the Americans which he thinks inevitable, as he says the dispute between the Creeks and Georgia concerning Lands grows every day more serious.

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I can hardly imagine the Court of Spain can countenance these proceedings; but rather think it proceeds from the rapacity of the Spanish officers desirous to make a breach betwixt us and the Indians in order to engross the whole of their trade.

The Chickamoggas have joined the Creeks and I am informed they intend to begin hostilities immediately; were it possible to carry on a Campaign against them I think it would strike terror into the Indian nations & be a sure means of obtaining peace with the whole. Nothing would more conduce to obtain influence over the Chickasaws and Choctaws than an appointment of an agent in those Nations who might carry on trade with them—and as I imagine these Countries will fall under the immediate direction of Congress, I beg your Excellency to represent this matter to our Delegates in Congress. If they should think it advisable to appoint one, Mr. John Turnbull from his long residence and influence with these nations would I apprehend be very servicable in that capacity.

There is now about thirty Chickasaws here with two of their chiefs, the Mountain Leader and Glover with whom we have lately had a talk, the substance of which I have enclosed together with the Belts delivered which they beg your Excellency will accept. I cannot yet learn whether the Choctaws have yet agreed to submit to Spanish protection or not, but expect to know in a few days of which I shall inform your Excellency by the earliest opportunity.

I am with the greatest respect, &c.,