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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Christopher Gadsden to Henry William Harrington
Gadsden, Christopher, 1724-1805
February 10, 1784
Volume 17, Page 129

-------------------- page 129 --------------------

Charlestown, 10 Feby., 1784.

Dr. Sir:

I hope you have enjoy'd your Health since I had the Pleasure of seeing you last. The Times had a dismal aspect when we parted but thank God they are now quite reversed, & nothing I think but our own Faults, our Indolence & Inattention to publick Business can prevent our being as happy a People as any that were ever under the Sun, & Securing that Happiness to our Posterity. The Cup is in our Hands & if we prove so lazy as not to bear it up to our Lips, we must deservedly be ruined, & so far from meriting any Pity cannot but expect the highest Degree of Laughter & Contempt. So much for the Times to an old Acquaintance.

My reason for troubling you with this is a small bond in my Possession, as Heir of the late Mr. Thos. Godfrey of George Town, of the late Majr. Saml. Wise, dated the 25th Novr., 1774, for fifty-five pounds our then Curry. no part of which Principal or Interest has been paid; I understand you are an Exec. & shall be obliged to you if any Effects in your Hand to order payment, or put me in a Train to get it.

Pray Remr. me to our old Friend Coll. Pegues.
I am Dr. Sr.,
Yr. most hble. servt.,