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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Archibald Maclaine to George Hooper
Maclaine, Archibald, 1728-1790
February 11, 1784
Volume 17, Pages 129-130


Wilmington, 11th Febry, 1784.

Dear Sir:

I wrote you lately by Mr. Alexander who went by water, & I conclude is in Charleston before this time. There is little news here. A vessel coming round from your town to a Mr. Musley got aground on the Frying Pan, or the Middle Ground. I know not which. The

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hands left her and I understand she went off with the tide of flood; & is gone God knows where.

There are two new candidates for the town of Wilmington. Walker sometime ago persuaded Young (who wishes to be Captain of Fort Johnston) to set up. And Read I am told has this day declared himself. Yet I believe my interest will be too strong for them both. Walker contests the seat in the Senate with Grainger; & if the former has Bloodworth's interest, which I suspect, it may be doubtful who will be the man. I should have told you that Read has in view the collection of the continental duty; & though Walker is naval officer, that he is also aiming at the same office; so that you see our flaming patriots are pushing for offices of profit. I am not sorry that Read and Walker clash in point of interest The latter you will well know; & the former has in spite of his affected virtue, long since discovered the cloven foot.

Mr. Rowan, Mr. Burges & Mr. Winslow bid fair to represent Cumberland. There is little or no doubt of any of them.

Though I have in reality no interest in Mr. Burgwin's coming here, except that of getting rid of some troublesome business, I am very anxious to know what he will do. He is so unsteady that I am not able to form an opinion from circumstances. I expect however that Mr. Alexander will have something permanent fixed upon. My compliments to John, & tell him if you have it not, to send me some salt petre. My wine is out. We are all well. Mrs. M. is preparing to send Kitty sausages & black puddings. I expect that Dickinson will sail in two or three days.

Three gentlemen from Germany set off to-morrow for Charleston. The Baron Vos van Strenwyk & Messrs. Godin & Barker. They were warmly recommended to me by Willie Jones, & have been here only a day. He says they are persons of distinction, and I understand they are travelling to see the country.