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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Linton to Jethro Sumner
Linton, William
April 17, 1784
Volume 17, Pages 132-133


April 17th, 1784.

Dr. General:

I beg leave to mention to you by General Persons that I wish to employ your services and interest this Assembly by way of extricating me from my present unhappy situation, which circumstances I need not rehears to you as you are I expect well acquainted with them. I meen that unhappy affair respecting Quinn, and as General Person and some more of my friends will endeavour to pass some Law this Assembly in my Favour and for the matter to appear as clear as possible, I would wish these Gentlemen to call on you for my Character whilst under your command and in the Continental

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Service; for I flatter myself as long as I served under you; you will not appeach me with anything, whilst in service unbecoming an Officer, nor any one Elce of my Old Brother officers; for I am convinced that every publick spirited Officer and Gentlemen that is a friend to his Country wish me and every other person that has bin active in defence of his Country to routher be applauded than Prosicuted, but envy and mallace which presides in the breast of many men overrules all kind of Justice, throws her quite out of her Seet and places herself there as a Prosicuting Judge; paying no regard to merit, but decreeing Vengance on all those that they Envy or wish Ill. But this Sir, I by no meenes think to be your disposition but am satisfied to the Contrary, and conclude with the greatest asshorance of your Friendship on this Occasion which will ever Confer obligations on Sir,

Your Very Hum. Servt.,