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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolutions by the Continental Congress concerning commissioners to negotiate with the Native Americans in the South
United States. Continental Congress
March 15, 1785 - March 21, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 429-431

[From Executive Letter Book.]

By the United States in Congress, Assembled.
March 15th, 1785.

Resolved, that three Commissioners, with the same pay as is allowed to the Commissioners appointed for treating with the Northern Indians, be appointed to treat with the Cherokees and all other Indians Southward of them within the Limits of the United States, or who have been at War with them, for the purpose of making

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peace with them, receiving them into the favour and protection of the United States and removing as far as may be all causes of future contention or Quarrels.

That the Commissioners be instructed as a preliminary to require that all Prisoners of whatever age or Sex among the Indians shall be delivered up, and they are further instructed to demand the negroes and other property belonging to the Citizens of the United States which have been Captured during the War.

That they be instructed to inform the Indians of the great occurrences of the last war, and of the extent of Country relinquished by the late Treaty of Peace with Great Britain.

That the Commissioners previous to their holding any Treaty shall give due notice of the time and place where it is to be held to the Supreme Executives of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, in order that they may each of them appoint one or more persons to attend during the Treaty if they think proper.

That the Commissioners be instructed to encourage the Indians to give notice to Congress or some of their officers of any designs that may be formed in any neighbouring Tribe or by any person whatever against the peace of the United States.

That the Commissioners be authorized to apply to the Supreme Executive of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia, for one hundred and fifty men or such part thereof as they may deem necessary of their Militia, for the purpose of protecting the Commissioners whilst engaged in concluding the said Treaties—and that they be authorized to draw on any of the said States for a sum not exceeding Nine thousand dollars to discharge the expence of holding the treaties, including the pay of the Commissioners and the pay and subsistence of the Guard for the Commissioners, and a sum not exceeding four thousand dollars to be expended in making presents to the Indians and that the said State have credit for such advance out of the requisitions for the year 1786.

By the United States in Congress, Assembled.
March 19th, 1784.

Resolved that the Commissioners appointed to negotiate with the Indians shall each be allowed six and an half dollars per day for the time they shall be employed in that business, in full for their

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services and expences, exclusive of their expences at the place or places where the treaties shall be held.

March 21st, 1785.

Congress proceeded to the election of three Commissioners to treat with the Cherokees and all other Indians Southward of them within the limits of the United States pursuant to the Act of the 15th of the present month, and the ballots being taken,



WILLIAM PERRY, Esquire, were elected.

On Motion, Resolved, That two additional Commisioners be appointed for holding treaties with the Southern Indians—agreeable to the act of the 15th Instant, and that any three shall form a quorum.

Congress proceeded to the election of the two additional Commissioners, and the ballots being taken,


JOSEPH MARTIN, Esquire, were elected.