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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Charles Thomson to Richard Caswell
Thomson, Charles, 1729-1824
August 03, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 496-497

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Office of Secretary of Congress,
August 3d, 1785.


Inclosed is a duplicate of my letter of the 28th of July which accompanied an Act of the United States in Congress Assembled passed the 27th and to which I hope to be honored with an answer as soon as convenient. I embrace the present opportunity of forwarding two Copies of the Continuation of the Journal of Congress to the 29th July, one for the Legislative and the other for the Executive branch of Government. On this occasion I beg leave to observe that your State at present is unrepresented. As the keeping up a constant representation in Congress is of great importance to the Union and the want of it is attended with many inconveniences, I take the Liberty of recalling your Attention to this subject and for that purpose enclose two Acts of the United States in Congress Assembled, one passed the 1st Novr., 1785, & the other the 19th April, 1784. By these your Excellency will see that it is the earnest desire of Congress that the several States should not only keep up a representation, but that each State should at all times when Congress are sitting to be represented by three Members at least.

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Though the Journals which I have transmitted will give you a full knowledge of the State of representation in Congress, yet that you may have a more comprehensive view of it, I enclose an Abstract which I have caused to be made of the attendance of the States since the first Monday in November last.

With great respect I have the Honor to be,
your Excellency's Most obedient and Most humble Servt.,