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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Jean Baptiste Petry to Richard Caswell
Petry, Jean Baptiste
July 08, 1785
Volume 17, Page 502

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Wilmington, 8th August, 1785.


The Ship, who was loading here, in produce of this Country for the payment of the advance made by the Government of Martinico to the State of North Carolina, will not sail, though I had been assured she was designed for that purpose. Mr. de Marbois informed by me of it has wrote the same to the Governor of Martinico, in order that he draw upon him for the whole amount. This assurance of mine to this Consul General, will put him in such a distress for the payment of the Bills of exchange drawn upon him, if the amount of the sale of the produce of this Country to discharge the debt, is not then delivered up into his hands, that I renew my entreaties to your Excellency to order the produce of this Country, be sent to Philadelphia as speedily as possible.

I am with regard Sir, your Excellency's
mo. ob. humb. Servt.,