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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Jean Baptiste Petry to Richard Caswell
Petry, Jean Baptiste
August 20, 1785
Volume 17, Page 507

-------------------- page 507 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Wilmington, August 20th, 1785.


My being out of Town, has prevented me to return by the last Post, an answer to the letter your Excellency has honored me with on the 4th Inst., with my thanks for the contents of it.

I hope Sir, Messrs. Gray and Blount, will send produce to Philadelphia as speedily as possible to discharge the debt due from this State to the Government of Martinique, which they have drafts for, from your predecessor, in office, and you are so kind as to write to me, you will give more if it is in your power.

I should be very happy Sir, to have such knowledge of your language as to enable me to keep a correspondence with your Excellency, and to prove you how I am glad my office may give me some opportunity to assure you of my attachment for America and the personal regard, with which I am Sir,

Your Excellency's mo. ob. servt.,