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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Joseph Martin to Richard Caswell
Martin, Joseph, 1740-1808
September 19, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 521-522

-------------------- page 521 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Chotee, 19th Sept., 1785.

Dear Sir:

Your Excellency's favor of the 17th June by Mr. Avery never came to hand until the 10th inst. I find myself under some concern in reading that part wherein I am considered a member of the New State. I beg leave to assure your Excellency that I have no part with them but consider myself under your immediate direction, as Agent for the State of North Carolina, until the Assembly shall direct otherwise. I am now on the duties of the office and have had more trouble with the Indians in the course of the Summer, than I ever had, owing to the rapid encroachment of the people from the New State, together with the Talks from the Spaniards and the Western Indians.

Two Wyandot chiefs are now in Chickamogga, went from here a few days past, who tell these Indians that all the different Tribes of Indians will turn out to war this fall, except the six nations, who have treated with Congress, that the Shanees have been through the different tribes for their assistance, which they all have agreed to give. That the Shanees are to lie still, till the Western army of Indians arrive in their Towns, then runners with the War hatchet are to be sent to the Cherokees, Chickasaws, Choctaws and Creeks, but the Cherokees say they will not receive it. The Indians here are much concerned at the peoples living on Little River, I refer your Excellency to their Talks, which they have counciled on for six days. I have with much pains and some artifice prevailed on Mr. McDonald, the former British Agent, to correspond with me. I have enclosed a copy of his letter, to your Excellency, in case of a war with any foreign power, he may be very serviceable or very dangerous. He lives about 25 miles Southwest from Chickamogga, which is the strongest part of the Cherokee Nation. Has great influence with the Indians on that quarter, deals at Pensacola, corresponds with Mr. Gilbry in the Creek Nation, and one Mr. McClatchey at the mouth of St. Mary's, a British merchant who furnishes

-------------------- page 522 --------------------
some part of the Towns near him with goods. I flatter myself that with his assistance I shall be able to furnish your Excellency, with the earliest and best intelligence that can be had from that quarter. The treaty with the Creek Indians comes on the 24th of October, next, at Golphenton, Georgia; with the Cherokees, Chickasaws, and Choctaws, the 15th of November, at Sinica, South Carolina, at which time and place, shall be very happy to see Col. Blount, and receive any commands from your Excellency. I have the honor to be with great respect,

Your Excellency's mo. humbl. and ob. Servt.,