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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Arnoldus Vanderhorst to William Blount
Vanderhorst, Arnoldus, 1748-1815
October 04, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 536-537

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Charleston, Oct, 4th, 1785.

Dear Sir:

I should have answered your favours before now, but from the Tenor of them I have been in hourly expectation of the pleasure of seeing you.

I now inform you that the brig Polle is arrived & landed her cargo with the articles for the Indian treaty's and as the Commissioners

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have postponed the Cherokee treaty to the 15th November, I hope to have the goods up in due time. Wagons are not to be had in this City, but I am in treaty with Colo. William Thomson for a sufficient Number who if we agree (and I see no better chance) will attend them up himself, which will be a great Security, but expect his terms will be high.

Yours, &c.,