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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Timothy Bloodworth to Richard Caswell
Bloodworth, Timothy, 1736-1814
October 11, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 540-541

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kinston, Oct. 11th, 1785.

Dear Sir:

I received yours, and not being fully satisfied with respect to the time of my attendance, thought proper to wait on your Excellency for an Explanation Agreeable to Resolve at Hillsborough; the Delegates are to attend in rotation as they stand in number on the poll according to this regulation. My attendance will not be required until the Spring; as Mr. Blount, Mr. Sitgreaves and Mr. Johnston

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were first in number. This gave me reason to suggest that you was pleased to give me timely notice. Yet, fearful that it might arise from the resignation of some of these Gentlemen, I could not be satisfied without a further inquiry. Your absence and my own positive engagements have obliged me to return without satisfaction. If it be your desire that I should give immediate attendance, I shall be under the necessity to request warrants on the holders of public Money for the amount of wages during the time of my attendance being at present quite unprepared to support myself. Should also wish to have a separate Certificate as some accident may prevent Col. Blount from timely attendance. All of which I beg your Excellency will be so obliging as to send by express to Duplin Court House, and shall I lose no time to comply with your requisition.

I remain, Dear Sir, with the highest esteem, Your most obedient and very humble servant,