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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Caswell to Timothy Bloodworth
Caswell, Richard, 1729-1789
October 16, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 544-545

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Kinston, 16th October, 1785.

Dear Sir:

I am concerned that I missed the pleasure of seeing you here a few days passed.

As I informed you before Mr. Blount proposed going to Congress; Mr. Sitgreaves declines going, at least the first Tour, because he has so lately returned from Congress, and he is appointed by Congress, one of the Judges of a Fœderal Court to be held at Williamsburg, for Trial of a Territorial dispute between Massachusetts and New York, to meet in November next, which appointment he has accepted. Mr. Johnston also declines attending the first Tour, so that unless you go forward we shall not be represented.

Agreeably to your request I send you a separate Commission and also a Warrant on the Treasury for £ 256, equal to the sum drawn for in favor of Col. Blount by advice of the Council; this sum it is probable will be as much as you will be able to obtain from the Collectors previous to your setting out, and is equal to what Mr. Blount required, for the other part of your allowance I will if in Administration grant the Warrants to such person as you may direct

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so as to be remitted to you in time and this I hope will be satisfactory to you as I would not choose to make a difference and you may rely on being put exactly on the same footing, so far as I have any thing to do with the other gentlemen of the Delegation.

I most earnestly request you will be pleased to go forward so as to attend in your place the first Monday in November of which you will be pleased to inform me, and I shall be happy in hearing from you on all occasions.

With great respect and esteem, I am, Dr Sir,
Your most obedient very humble Servant,