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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolution by the Continental Congress concerning the payment of troops, including cover letter from John Pierce to Richard Caswell
United States. Continental Congress
October 11, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 570-571

-------------------- page 570 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

New York, Nov. 15th, 1785.


I do myself the honor to enclose you a Resolution of Congress, directing me, to deliver to the order of the Supreme Executive of each State such Certificates as shall remain unissued, belonging to the Corps not appertaining to any line, and as several of the Agents of these Corps have made a settlement with me, and deposited Certificates belonging to the Inhahitants of the State of North Carolina. I am to request that some person may be impowered to receive the same from my hands. I am with great respect,

Your Excellency's most obedient Servt.,

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Congress Assembled—Present as Yesterday,
Tuesday, Oct. 11th, 1785.

On a report from the Board of Treasury, to whom was referred a Petition of Lewis Nichola and Richard Loyd Agents to the invalid Corps and Hazen's Regiment in behalf of themselves and the Agents of Armand's Corps, the Regiments of Artificers and the Corps of Sappers and Miners.

Resolved, That when the Agents appointed to issue Certificates for the balances due to the Corps of the late Continental Army (not appertaining to any State) shall have finally adjusted the accounts of their respective Corps, with the Commissioner of Army accounts, the Board of Treasury be, and it is hereby authorized, to ascertain and report to Congress, such compensation as from the Report of the said Commissioner, they shall judge proportionate to the service of the respective Agents.

-------------------- page 571 --------------------

Resolved, That the Certificates which remain undelivered by the respective Agents, above mentioned, to the Individuals, to whom they belong be returned to the Commissioner of Army accounts, with whom the said Agents are to settle the accounts of their Agency relative to the deliveries made to the Individuals aforesaid; and the Commissioners of Army accounts shall transmit such remaining Certificates to the Supreme Executive authority of the States in which the parties having a right to claim the same were enlisted, in the same manner as is provided for by the Resolves of Congress of the 3d of November, 1783 and 24th May, 1785, in the case of Regiments appertaining to the several States.