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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Blount to Benjamin Hawkins et al.
Blount, William, 1749-1800
November 28, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 579-580

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Hopewell on Keeowee, Nov. 28th, 1785.


The State of North Carolina have at this time a Law in force and use, allotting the lands contained within the following Bounds to the Cherokee Indians. “Beginning on the Tennessee river where the Southern Boundary of the State (of North Carolina) intersects the same nearest the Chickamoga Towns, thence up the middle of the Tennessee and Holstein Rivers to the Middle of French Broad river, thence up the Middle of the said French Broad river thence up the Middle of the said French Broad river (which lines are not to include any Island) to the Mouth of Big Pigeon river, then up the same to the Head thereof, then along the dividing ridge between the waters of Pigeon River and Tuckasegee River to the said Southern Boundary, thence West with the said Boundary to the beginning.”

Should you by treaty fix any other Boundaries within the limits of the said State of North Carolina between the said Cherokee Indians and the Citizens, that State will consider such treaty as a violation and infringement of her Legistalial and Constitutional rights. The lands contained within the limits of Davidson County, which “begins on Cumberland river where the Northern Boundary of the State of North Carolina first intersects the same, then South fifty-five Geographical Miles, then West to the Tennessee river, then

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down the said river, until the said river intersects the said Northern Boundary, then East with the said Boundary to the beginning” have been appropriated by the State of North Carolina to the payment of the Bounties of land promised the Officers and Soldiers of the Continental line of that State. It is said the Militia of that County are in Number Seven Hundred, and the State of North Carolina have sold and granted to sundry Citizens for a valuable Consideration several Millions of acres of land situated lying and being between the Mississippi and the line fixed by Colo. Christie and others in the year 1777, and without the limits of Davidson County and on which lands several thousands of people are settled.

I am your Most Obedient Humble Servant,
Agent for the State of North Carolina.