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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolution by the Continental Congress concerning counterfeiting
United States. Continental Congress
February 02, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 598-600

By the United States in Congress Assembled,
February 2, 1785.

On the report of the Committee to whom was referred a Letter of 14th January from the Comptroller of the Treasury, with sundry papers inclosed, stating that a number of the Certificates issued by

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John Pierce, Commissioner for adjusting the claims of the Army, have been Counterfeited.

Resolved, That the Comptroller be required to trace the said Certificates as far back as possible through their several possessors on their progress to the Treasury.

Resolved, That the following proclamation be issued, offering a reward to any person who will discover the persons concerned in the said forgery, or his or their accomplices, and enjoining all Officers, Civil and Military, to be aiding and assisting in making such discovery.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the several States to revise their laws respecting forgery, and affixing such penalties as they may adjudge necessary to prevent the forgery of Securities of every denomination issued by authority of the United States in Congress Assembled.



By the United States in Congress Assembled.

Whereas, Information has been received from the Comptroller of the Treasury that various certificates of final Settlement, issued by the Commissioner for settling the accounts of the army, to the officers and Soldiers of the United States, have been counterfeited by some wicked and fraudulent persons by erasing the sums for which they were first given and inserting others to a much greater amount; and,

Whereas, It is expedient that the most effectual Steps should be taken to detect a villainy so injurious to the interests of the citizens of these States and destructive of public credit, the United States in Congress Assembled have deemed it necessary to offer, and do hereby promise, a reward of five hundred dollars to any person or persons who shall discover or make known the Person or persons guilty of the said forgery, or his or their accomplices, so that he or they may be legally convicted.

And that the most speedy and effectual check may be given to a crime tending in its consequences so materially to effect the credit

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of the said certificates and the interests of the United States, they do hereby recommend to the Executives of the different States to be aiding and assisting in discovering and apprehending the author or authors or the forgery aforesaid, or his or their accomplices, to the end that the credit of the United States of America may be secured from further injury and the perpetrators of so atrocious an offence brought to condign punishment.

Done at New York, this Second Day of Feb., in the year of our Lord, 1785, and of our Sovereignty and Independence the ninth.