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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Dobbs Spaight and John Sitgreaves to Alexander Martin
Spaight, Richard Dobbs, 1758-1802; Sitgreaves, John, 1757-1802
March 01, 1785
Volume 17, Pages 606-607

-------------------- page 606 --------------------

New York, March 1st, 1785.


Congress since their meeting in this city have chosen three Commissioners of the Treasury in lieu of those Gentlemen who were appointed at Annapolis last year, who have declined accepting that appointment. The Gentlemen now chosen are Mr. John L. Gervis, of South Carolina; Mr. Sam'l Osgood, of Massachusetts, and Mr. Walter Livingston, of this State.

General Schuyler, Mr. Robert Morris and General P. Dickenson are appointed Commissioners to carry into effect the ordinance of the 23rd December last respecting the federal Town. This ordinance was transmitted to your Excellency by the Secretary of Congress.

We have received accounts of a Vessel belonging to Alexandria in Virginia being captured by one of the Barbary Corsairs and carried into Algiers. By the last accounts the Vessel was not condemned, and as she was only in ballast, bound from Cadiz to Madeira, perhaps they may give her up. The depredations of those pirates, unless speedily put an end to by making a Treaty with them, may prove very injurious to the Commerce of the United States. Congress have taken such steps as they think will accomplish this desirable end.

The British Court, having taken no steps to comply with that article of the Treaty which respects the delivery of the posts on our Western frontiers, but on the contrary it is said that they have reinforced the Garrisons, and are repairing the fortifications, and every account from Europe convincing us of the unfavorable disposition of that Court towards us, it was thought necessary to send a Minister to that Court to insist on the delivery of the Western posts and a compensation for the negroes that were carried away in open violation of the Definitive Treaty of Peace, and to prevent matters from getting to that pass which might again involve us in a War with that Nation. Mr. John Adams is the person elected for this purpose.

-------------------- page 607 --------------------

Congress have directed that the Comptroller shall, until the Board of Treasury are organized, appoint Commissioners to settle the accounts of the States against the United States. As soon as the Delegates find a proper person for that purpose, they will have one appointed for the State of North Carolina.

Our Commissioners have concluded a Second Treaty with the Indians at Fort McIntosh, but as Congress have not as yet either ratified the present or former treaty with the Indians, we don't look upon ourselves at liberty to transmit copies of them to your Excellency.

We make no doubt but your Excellency have taken proper steps to have us relieved at the expiration of our tour of duty, by ordering on the other Delegates so that they may be here by the first of May, at which time the six months we are to stay pursuant to the resolve the General Assembly passed in May, 1784, expires. But lest your Excellency may have omitted to take these steps, we must request you to order on the other Delegates to relieve us at that time, as our private business demands our attention at home, and we must, whether relieved or not, leave Congress the beginning of May, in which case, if the other Delegates don't come forward, the State will not be represented.

We have the honor to be, &c.,
His Excellency
Governor Martin.