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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Daves to John Hanson
Daves, John, 1748-1804
December 06, 1781
Volume 17, Pages 1051-1052

[Copy:—“Letters Alphabetical,” D, 1775-1782. State Department, Vol. 7, No. 78, P. 423,]

Philadelphia, Dec. 6th, 1781.


In consequence of the Resolution of Congress of the 13th of August, directing six months nominal pay to the officers lately

-------------------- page 1052 --------------------
prisoners of war in South Carolina and Georgia, I have come from North Carolina for the purpose of receiving the same for the officers of that State; and on application to the Secretary at War, find that he does not think himself authorised to grant warrants, as the execution of this resolution was vested in the Board of War.

I beg the favour of your Excellency to lay this matter before Congress for their determination therein.

My expenses coming here have been great, particularly to me, who am an officer, and they are accumulating daily in this expensive city, so that should there be a difficulty in this matter, and I should not get my portion, agreeable to the above resolution, I shall not be able either to stay here or to return.

Your Excellency and Congress will please to excuse me for giving them this trouble.

I am with sincere regard, Sir,
Your Excellency's ob't humble servant,
Captain in 2nd N. C. Battalion.
His Excellency
The President of Congress.