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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Gillespie to Richard Caswell
Gillespie, James, 1747-1805
January 14, 1786
Volume 18, Pages 502-503

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Duplin, Jany. 14th, 1786.

Dear Sir:

On my arrival home I immediately wrote to Mr. Bloodworth respecting the time of his going to Congress, as I wished him to assist me in procuring paper for the new money, but am sorry to find that he is not Certain as to the time of his going, this disappointment being entirely unexpected I am at a loss to know how to Act, I fear the only alternative is to go myself, as I dread very much the Getting a person I can rely on. This being an arduous task at this season of the year I wish your Excellency's advice in the matter, as I assure you I am at a loss to know what sum will be adequate to this Service in Case I can find a person I can rely on to undertake the Business. Some are of opinion the best way is by Portsmouth and from there to the head of Elk by water. Your Excellency being well Acquainted with the different ways will much oblige me to recommend what you may judge the most Expeditious. If you have any dispatches to send North'dly I shall call at Kinston or direct whoever I may send on, if I am so lucky as to find a person to my liking. In the mean time I shall be much Obliged to your Excellency for such a recommendation as you may approve either generally or to such of your Acquaintances at Philadelphia

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as you may think most likely to forward me in this Business, as I assure you I regret the delay that must inevitably ensue. Please to mention if Mr. Blount is returned, and the prospect of his going to Congress.

With the Greatest respect,
I am your Excellency's Most obt.,

I purpose setting out in about 6 days.