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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Charles Thomson to Richard Caswell
Thomson, Charles, 1729-1824
February 28, 1786
Volume 18, Pages 544-545

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Office of the Secretary of Congress,
February 28th, 1786.


On the 9th of June last, the honor of transmitting an Act passed by the Congress the 7th of that month recommending to the several States to make provision in a manner pointed out in the Acts, for

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officers, Soldiers and Seamen, who have been disabled in the service of the United States.

As I take it for granted that the Legislature of your State has complied with this recommendation I have to request the favor of your Excellency to send me a Copy of the Law passed on this occasion, and as it is necessary that the United States in Congress assembled should be informed of the sum which this provision will yearly add to the expences of the Union, in order that they may include in their annual requisition, I have further to request that your Excellency would be pleased to order a return to be made to me of the number provided for, and the Amount of the annual Allowance made to them, that I may make report thereof to Congress.

Should it be the case that your State has not yet made the provision recommended, I trust your Excellency will take the earliest opportunity of submitting this matter to the Consideration of the Legislature, and for this purpose I enclose a Copy of the Act and Answer.

With the Greatest respect,
Your Excellency's most obedient &
Most humble Servant,